Open Powerlifting Worlds Halmstad!

The past weekend, this year’s World Powerlifting Championships was held in Halmstad / Sweden and it was the first time I ever competed at “Open Worlds”. Even though I wanted to lift more, especially in the squat, I’m still quite happy with the meet. I took a 14th place overall in my new and very hard weight class -120 kg, where the gold was won at a total of 1115 kg. I haven´t made a higher total like this in a long time and with a new PR in the benchpress, I did 870 kg. (320-245-305)

Even though it´s been a while since I passed 40, it still feels quite good that there are only 13 “open lifters” in the world who are better than me!

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Bronze at the Europeans!

Back from Luxembourg, I can now call myself a “bencher” since I got my first international medal at the
European Championships last Thursday.

I took a bronze with a new PR of 242.5 kg.


As I now competed in weight class -120 kg I consider myself as chubby and happy!



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Bronze medal at Masters Europeans in Czechia!


Just a few days since I came home from Pilsen / Czech Republic and this years Masters Europeans where I took a bronze medal. The results were among the worse I’ve done in competition these last years so I was very unhappy right after the competition since  I expected more of myself. Unfortunately nothing went my way this day, so all together I haave to be content with a total bronze medal, a bronze in benchpress and dito silvermedal in deadlift.

I did the series: 305-220-292,5 = 817,5 kg.

Well, back in the saddle again!

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Another Gold – Powerlifting Nationals in Skellefteå 2018

So, now this years Powerlifting Nationals is over and for me it ended with yet another gold medal but this time in -120 kg class. After the US vacation with a lot of good food, it was a wise decision that paid off in a new  PR in benchpress. I’m really satisfied with my results, since I´ve now competed twice in three weeks. Now my next training period will start off slow before it´s time to “turn up the heat” towards the Masters Europeans in Czech Republic in early July, where I´ll be competing in the -105 kg class again.

Squat: 315kg  Benchpres: 240kg  Deadlift: 300kg  Total: 855kg.

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Arnolds 2018

I just returned from the US with a third gold medal from the Arnolds and “SBD Pro American Invitational”. A third place in total gave me a $ 500 prize check. Although I´d hoped for a better total I am quite satisfied anyway, given the conditions.                                                        Series: 310-220-300 = 830kg.

I want to thank USAPL for putting on such a great meet every year!


I was given the opportunity to have a talk with an old idol, Bill “Kaz” Kazmaier.

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After a long absence, both here on my website and on the competition platform, one of my goals is finally reached: World Champion! I took the gold last Friday when I competed in Sundsvall at Masters Worlds.

I did: 315-230-292,5 = 837.5 kg in total and I also got the silver in the squat.                      The reason for my absence among other things, is my right knee. I had to undergo surgery for the second time, 4 months ago and I´ve also had some “personal problems” to deal with.                                                          Because of the knee I can no longer train like I used to, so it will be longer period of time between the championships in the future. I’m aiming for a medal at the Europeans next summer though.

I would also like to thank my clubmates: Jonas Wennberg and Angelica Brage for invaluable help and coaching!

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District Championships 2016 Lulea

imgresThis weekend we/Lulea Athletic Club held the District Powerlifting Championships and it was a success, with a lot of lifters (around 70) and a lot of people in the audience. It was a few hundred ordinary people who came to see the meet and it’s not often you´ll have to bring in extra chairs and people still have people standing in the venue. Since I had referee and speaker duty on both Saturday and Sunday the conditions were not the best so I decided to compete as late as just before the weigh started. Even if all the weights felt heavy the technique was good and I only got one red light in all 9 lifts. I did a total of 860 kg with a 325 kg squat, a 230 kg benchpress and a 305 kg deadlift. With that I took the gold in the -105 kg class.

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International PR!

After a longer competition absence due to a knee surgery, and so even interactive ditto, I took 4th place at my first European Masters Championships in benchpress in Luxembourg. Since my health hasn´t been the best and I involuntarily lost weight, I am both proud and pleased to be only 5 kg from the bronze medal. I also hit a new International PR with 2,5 kg. Powerlifting Nationals in January is just around the bend… looking forward to it!

1:st  227,5 kg  3-0 white    II    2:nd  240 kg  no lift    II    3:rd 240 kg 3-0


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After having the flu for three weeks, it was time to fly over to the States to compete at the Arnold Sports Festival and Rogue Pro Invitational, again this year.

The body wasn´t fully recovered so I knew that I wasn´t going to be able to hit some new PR´s so I just had to try to make the best of it. Thoug I had to lower all my openers, I managed to total 860 kg. I took the gold but was alone in the weight class and placed 6th on Wilks points out of 12 lifters, some of them the world’s elite.

The series was: 325-235-300 = 860 kg.

Just need to get well and “get back up on the horse”!


Mr Slingshot himself – Mark Bell, was main sponsor for the meet and handed out the medals and awards.



All the equipped lifters in the session.




I managed to get a picture with the best and heaviest raw lifter in the world. Big Ray williams

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Nationals in Piteå!

Just returned from Powerlifting Nationals in Piteå, where I this year got the silver medal. Went seven for nine ( missed the second squat and the last pull) and did 335-237,5-310 = 882.5 kg . Was beaten by the deadlift world record holder Erik Gunhamn who just turned senior. Erik won the gold with 905 kg in total and I just have to take my hat off for him. So now I rest for a couple of days and then it´s -Towards the Arnolds, in about a month!

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