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I´ve been training “raw”, aka belt only for 6 weeks and did my own training meet yesterday. I hit a new PR in the total with 2,5kg, did 265-155-300=720kg. It was fun! Here´s a video-clip:

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European Championships 2013

This last Friday it was time to step onto the international platform for the third time. My competition started well with stable personal best in both the squat and bench press with 2.5 kg in each event. In the deadlift it didn´t … Continue reading

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I competed at the “Pro American Powerlifting Meet” this weekend, at Arnold´s Sports Festival in Columbus/Ohio. I totalled 895kg´s, got the silver medal and placed 4:th on Wilks points in the heavy group. Squat: 345kg  Bench: 235kg  Deadlift: 315kg I´m very … Continue reading

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The past weekend I broke the ninehundred-kilo barrirer, competing at Nationals in Falun/Sweden. I hit PR´s in each event and total and got the silvermedal just 5 kilos behind the gold medalist and former world champion Patrik Turesson. I felt like … Continue reading

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New PR!

I competed at Bench Nationals in Nora/south of Sweden this past weekend and it went really well, 3 good lifts and 9 white lights. I finished in 6:th place in very hard competition and hit a new PR in the last lift … Continue reading

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Northern District Championships, Umeå 03/11/12

I competed raw today and won ,with the result: 252,5-152,5-290=695kg total! Though it didn´t work out quite as I wanted it to in both squat and deadlift because of a stress-related leg injury I´m happy knowing that I have a “lowest-level” … Continue reading

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Strong duo!

I wasn´t the only one who did good the past weekend. My teammate Emma Björklund won the womens -63kg class with a 462,5kg total. She also set a new Swedish record in the squat with 187,5kg. A big thanks to … Continue reading

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Finally! After a long period of hard training and nervousness I won the gold medal at the Nordic Championships in Örebro last weekend with new PR´s in both squat, deadlift and total. Squat: 342,5 kg Benchpress: 230 kg Deadlift: 312,5 … Continue reading

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Towards the Nordic Championships!

So, now I´ve started training towards the Nordic Championships in August, in Örebro. A bit awkward and unfamiliar with heavy weights but it´s getting there …

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A couple of hectic weeks!

Last week I went with the sub- & junior team to Herning in Denmark as referee for the European Championships and this week I will be in Stockholm as Team Captain for the seniors team during the World Cup in … Continue reading

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