District Championships 2016 Lulea

imgresThis weekend we/Lulea Athletic Club held the District Powerlifting Championships and it was a success, with a lot of lifters (around 70) and a lot of people in the audience. It was a few hundred ordinary people who came to see the meet and it’s not often you´ll have to bring in extra chairs and people still have people standing in the venue. Since I had referee and speaker duty on both Saturday and Sunday the conditions were not the best so I decided to compete as late as just before the weigh started. Even if all the weights felt heavy the technique was good and I only got one red light in all 9 lifts. I did a total of 860 kg with a 325 kg squat, a 230 kg benchpress and a 305 kg deadlift. With that I took the gold in the -105 kg class.

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