Swedish Record!!!

After a long period of training and some minor injuries, it was now time for a competition, the District Championships in Umeå this weekend. For a long time I´ve been waiting for a chance to try pulling the record weight 327.5 kg so the plan was to go quite easily in the squat and benchpress to save some strength for the deadlift.

I opened with two easy lifts in a large squatsuit, wrapping myself in the first squat. First 300 kg and then 310 kg and then I passed on the last lift. I benchpressed 200 kg, 210 kg and 215 kg and it felt easy. I nailed my opener at 305 kg in the deadlift and then went for the Swedish record in the second attempt with 327.5 kg and pulled it. I even tried to pull 330 kg in my last attempt but then I had cramps in the right side of the abdomen and back so I didn´t get a good start. I pulled it to the knees but it was a little too heavy.       The total was: 852,5 kg.

Well, now I have all four Master-I records (squat, benchpress, deadlift & total) and the Open-record in the deadlift. In addition I got the gold in the weight class and became best male lifter on Wilks points. So now new goals are set for Natonals, in Pitå, in January!

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Gold at the Arnolds!

Though it´s little over a week since the Arnold Sports Festival 2015 and a well earned vacation in Las Vegas, I still feel very satisfied and happy over the noblest medal of all that I this year I got at the meet “Rogue Pro Invitational”. After a series of unfortunate circumstances, including flight cancellations and late arrival to Columbus / Ohio I still managed to perform and not just just win in the 105 kilo-class but also become second best lifters on Wilks points, that gave me a 500 USD check. Did the series: 335-235-315 = 885 kg and got 8 of 9 lifts with 3-0 white.

Yeah !!!

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Flowers again!

I was pleasantly surprised when I today got a big bouquet of flowers from the Department Of Recreation in Luleå, for my gold at Nationals. Thank you kindly!

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Number 1!


Just got back from Örebro in the south of Sweden and this years Powerlifting Nationals, where I for the third time took the gold medal. Though I always want to lift more and though I´ve had some problems with my upper back these last few weeks I still totalled: 335-237,5-300=872,5kg. I even tried to pull for the the Swedish deadlift record (327,5kg) in my last attempt but it was a little too heavy this time. To top it off, I got three Swedish Master 1-records. In the squat, the benchpress and the total. Hell yeah!

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Gold at the District Meet!

I competed last weekend at the Northern District Championships in Umeå, just going through the motions, for the coming season and though I haven´t been training with equipment for more than a couple of weeks I hit a new PR in the benchpress and totalled: 330-240-315 = 885kg.


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Well, six weeks into my summer training I can only conclude that my back and the stability feels better and better. I´ll continue my raw-training for at least 6-10 weeks more, so I just have to continue down this road.

Have a great summer!

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Well, now one week after the Europeans in Sofia/Bulgaria, I´ve accepted that I can´t always be on top. Although I climbed one placing compared to last year and finished eight I wanted a much better total. I´ve had some problems with two discs in the lower back  since the Arnolds and I got a tear in my right forearm in the second deadlift, so there weren´t anymore kilos in my body that day.

(335-235-290 = 860kg)

Anyways, three good squats and ditto benches are at least something to be happy about, just have to start over!

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Arnolds Silver!








Got the silvermedal again this year at Rouge Fitness Pro Invitational / Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus / Ohio. Despite a rather mediocre result (337,5-235-305 = 877.5 kg), I had a significantly better gut feeling than at Nationals, which was the primary so now I just need to keep pushing and set my sights at the European Championships in May!

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I came home tonight after a light workout and found these outside the door…

A “congratulations to the gold at Nationals” from the Department and Board of Recreation in Luleå. I am both touched and happy!

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Although it didn´t at all feel good in either the body or the head, I managed to get my second gold medal at the National Championships this past weekend in Umeå and I also finished with a new PR in the deadlift. Got a hemorrhage in the right eye and felt pressure against on the forehead Thursday and since I was already a bit stressad out over the competition it didn´t make things better. Got a minor collapse during the meet and don´t remember everything but I still managed to do the series: 340-235-325 = 900kg. Now, afterwards it feels really good and the body and mind is slowly recovering.

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